Storage tanks are important assets that aren’t resistant to aging and need to be maintained over time to help ensure a longer service life and a safe environment. The cleaning and recoating process is a significant part of the required maintenance, and it is time consuming and resource heavy. Typically, cleaning and recoating involves a lot of scaffolding and a lot of man hours. An OnSpec custom painting robot is here to change that by allowing automation and control from the ground.

Using proprietary and unique multi-mission modular technology, Eddyfi Technologies developed a robotic solution to help asset owners and service providers perform recoating faster, better, and most importantly, safer. Entirely operated from the ground, the OnSpec painting robot is capable on covering large areas with limited operator intervention. Semi-automated routines help operators maintain consistent quality and speed for the entire tank receiving a fresh coating. The painting robot can cover up to 9 square feet (0.8 square meters) per minute. With a strong reputation in the field, Eddyfi Technologies crawlers are trusted to get the job done without worry of breakdown or needing a break.

Magg 480 Robotic Crawler

This custom crawler is based on the Magg™ 480 workhorse platform. It can carry up to 45 kilograms (99 pounds) vertically using massive magnet cups and a proprietary track design. As long as the wall is made of a ferrous alloy, the robotic crawler delivers an impressive performance making it the perfect fit for heavy duty painting applications. Because this is an OnSpec robotic solution, it was adapted to address the customer’s precise needs. In this particular case, there is also a second vehicle that performs a thickness measurement of the coating to ensure the remote operations are up to the required specification. As soon as the paint dries, the second unit can start scanning – this being the first robotic system that allows painting and inspection to be performed at the same time by two operators.

OnSpec Robot for Remote Painting

As part of OnSpec product development, our engineers excel in innovating to address the exact needs of our clients and the industry. Solutions can be as simple as a custom guard that prevents paint from getting on the tracks while keeping the surface clean. They can also be as sophisticated as an air shield that covers the camera lens in order to keep it clear and functional during industrial use. An Eddyfi Technologies’ custom OnSpec robotic solution is a tailored system that delivers according to the client’s precise and exact need. Every time.

When it comes to repainting or recoating storage tanks or other capital assets, consider an Eddyfi Technologies robotic solution that can offer better, faster, and safer benefits. And, when you are looking to achieve something that’s never been done before, stay Beyond Current and challenge our robotic experts for a system catered to your precise requirements.

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